The purpose of SALAM is to introduce incoming students to campus resources, foster a safe and welcoming environment for new Arab students to develop their leadership skills and further explore their identities. SALAM seeks to provide a platform for Arab students to pursue greater opportunities to connect with community allies, resources, and initiatives.

Arab Leadership Network

The Arab Leadership Network (ALN) is a leadership development and mentorship program for first-year and transfer students at U-M. Through a series of developmental workshops, we provide students with various opportunities and resources that will help foster their academic and professional capital. ALN will prepare students to use the tools they have accumulated throughout the program in organizational roles, academic opportunities, and future careers. 

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Arab Xpressions

The purpose of Arab Xpressions is to spread awareness of Arab culture to the entire University of Michigan Campus. We both educate and entertain the student body by showcasing traditional folk dances, spoken word/poetry, clothing, music, food, and much more.


Arab Unity Ball

The Arab Unity Ball is an end of year celebration that is planned and hosted by the ALN participants. We eat, dance, and celebrate our wonderful culture and all we have achieved throughout the year!


Focus Week

Focus week highlights underrepresented social aspects of the Arab community in particular and addresses issues such as racism, sexism,and homophobia from an Arab perspective.

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Midnight Breakfast

The Midnight Breakfast is a cultural showcase where we provide food from all over the Middle East/North African region and educate students about the Arab culture.

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